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 The Gods and Other Important Figures

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PostSubject: The Gods and Other Important Figures   Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:42 pm


Name: Fallitus
Age: N/A
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100lbs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Position: Ruler of Universe/God of Water
Biography: The youngest son of Hyperion, the king of Titans, and his most favorite. He was selected by Hyperion to be the king of the gods and take over his job as ruler of the heavens in order to rest. Fallitus still goes to his father, seeking advice. He can hold up to 64 weapons at once and once annihilated, at Hyperion's order, 4000 vikings with 4000 different weapons. He generally holds his favorite three, which one of the weapons can split into a dual weapon making four, at the same time. He is very lazy and sleeps a lot of the time. His personal servant has to attack him until he wakes up.
Skills: Sleeping, can hold and use up to 64 weapons at once, and God of Water
Ability: Weapon Synchronize (Holds multiple (max 64) weapons, Fallitus only)
Racial Ability: Immortal
Weapon: Heron Blade Halberd/Dragon Spike/Maelstorm (Wields all at the same time)
Theme: Ignition v2

Image: (temporary)
Name: Deimos
Age: OLD! (But still looks young)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 197Lb
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: God
Biography: As the god of death, he was sent to rule the underworld. His personality contradicts that of what many people expect him to be like. Instead of taking an army to the surface and demolishing mankind, He instead created a city in the World that is part of the underworld. There he created a school, for all races, to create a profession for everyone. At first, his students and staff were only demons but as time past other came to attend. His school grew into the largest academy in the world. He now governs the link between the World and the Netherworld. His everlasting kindness radiates to other demons encouraging them to coincide with humans.
Skills: Scythe Master, Arcane Master
Talents: Natural leader, Ultimately wise, Very Knowledgeable
Ability: Master of Magic, Controls Death and Darkness
Racial Ability: Immortal
Theme: No More Heroes

Name: Shuì Mián Long
Age: ~
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 169
Gender: Male
Position: "All under heaven"
Sexuality: Straight
Biography: Long, long, long ago there was a god. His life is too long to detail in it's entirety, so... you fill in the rest.
Weapon: Mind, if that doesn't count a 'mystical fan'
Skills: Read, Write, Lead Massive Armies on Campaigns flawlessly
Ability: Foresight: whatever he predicts will always, eventually, come true.
Racial Ability: Immortal

Name: Angerone
Age: ???
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 110
Gender: Male
Position: God of Silence, God of the Winter Solstice
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: God
Biography: Angerone is the God of Silence and the Winter Solstice; Son of the Sun and Moon. He is very quiet and only speaks if necessary. Angerone is not a fighter and only fight to defend himself or a companion. His right eye is covered by bandages because it is sensitive to light and he only takes off the bandages if he needs to see in the dark. Angerone can be seen somewhat as a housewife by Deimos because he constantly cooking, sewing/knitting, and cleaning. Children love him and he would usually put on a mime act for them.
Weapon: Daggers and Knives
Skills: Even though he is not a fighter, Angerone can wield daggers and knives very well. He prefers them because of their swiftness and silence. His aim is always accurate. He despises guns and firearms because of their explosions.
Talents: Angerone is very good at cooking, sewing, and cleaning.
Ability: Ability to control Ice and Snow. Ability to take away people’s senses (touch, sound, smell, etc.)
Racial Ability: Immortal
Theme: Robot

Height: 6'1
Position:God of Earth
Biography:Nereus is the eldest son of Hyperion. He was raised and taught well as a young boy. His future was bright Gaia sacrificed herself to Nereus. He soon took leadership for his people as his mother's last request. His powers on land gives him an advantage in any land battle, being able to control earth has lead him to many victories. He now soon to seek his true potential even as a god.
Skills:Sword master, God of the Earth
Ability: Dance of the Vine (Vines form and take the shape of the earth and hurls themselves at the enemy, Nereus only)
Racial Ability:Immortal
Theme: Sorairo Days

Image: (N/A)
Name: Kiefer Anno Agilaon
Age: 2,222
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 150
Gender: Male
Position: God of Black Fire
Sexuality: Straight
Biography: Kiefer is a very stoic young-looking gentleman that rarely talks unless necessary.
Weapon: Chains and uses telekinesis to control lances around him.
Skills: Learned to manipulate a chain into a deadly weapon.
Ability: As mentioned before, Kiefer can use telekinesis to control lances that he can materialize from his energy source: black fire. His black fire is unique as it cannot be extinguished and can melt through almost anything.
Racial Ability: Immortal
Theme: Lost & Found

Name: Adelee Kizara Agilaon
Age: 2,200
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 110
Gender: Female
Position: Goddess of Black Fire
Sexuality: Straight
Biography: Adelee is a very quiet girl that spends her time in the Agilaon castle due to her brother's protection. Like her brother, she rarely talks unless necessary.
Weapon: Double-bladed naginata and lances
Skills: Is able to conjure up pillars of black flames at will.
Ability: Identical to Kiefer's.
Racial Ability: Immortal
Theme: Sandglass

Image: (Erin does not have a specific image. As the goddess of light, her appearance differs from person to person. She usually looks like what the person believes is a cute trait in appearance. She keeps her measurements however.)
Name: Erin
Age: 495
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 70lbs
Gender: Female
Position: Goddess of the Light/Health
Sexuality: Straight
Biography: In love with Fallitus, she serves as his personal and favorite maid. She has a good sense of humor and is lovable. Erin really likes to follow Fallitus around.
Weapon: Valkyrie's Polearm
Skills: Hikari (The power of light)
Ability: Hikari no Erin (Heals any wound)
Racial Ability: Immortal
Theme: Help me, ERINNNN! (Tasukete Erin)

Image: N/A
Name: Symphony
Age: ???
Height: 5'3
Weight: 105
Gender: Female
Position: Goddess of Sound, Goddess of the Summer Solstice
Sexuality: Straight
Race: God
Biography: Symphony is daughter of the Sun and Moon, twin sister of Angerone. She is only younger by two minutes. She is loud and energetic. She is Deimos' true archenemy. They both use to constantly fight over Angerone' s attention and she was furious when the two got together. Although she may not look it, she is actually very emotional and can cry very easily. She seeks comfort in Angerone and Angerone only and maybe sometimes Marius.
Weapon: Guns and firearm. She mostly uses her two hand guns, a Taurus she uncreatively calls Taurus and a Rossi Revolver called Gemini.
Skills: Symphony aim is always accurate and she rarely misses a target.
Talents: Symphony has a beautiful voice and she can hypnotize people, depending on the person. Too bad she has stage fright.
Ability: Manipulation over Gravity. Ability to control sound waves by singing or shouting.
Racial Ability: Immortality
Theme: Simple and Clean (rock instrumental)

The Hel Demons

Name: Twin-Clawed
Age: 244
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 122lbs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Hel
Biography: Born out of lightning, Twin-Clawed is the fastest Hel demon on the planet. He is a kind and terrible, but not evil, Hel demon. He is the leader of the 5 Hel Dragons.
Skills: Changes direction in midair
Racial Ability: Rai (Extreme speed)
Theme: Gilgamesh Battle FFV
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The Gods and Other Important Figures
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