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 I: Total Chaos

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PostSubject: I: Total Chaos   Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:48 am

It's inevitable that the current Hel king would fall, but the odds of this happening at the same time as the fall of the emperor of the world are in theory, impossible. It's chaotic enough with the war of the Hel demons, but now humans are seeking the throne of the emperor and are waring with each other for it. The gods do not involve themselves in either war and are patiently watching to see what will happen. Fallitus, the king of the gods, promised to bless the Emperor with his protection. This was an enough incentive for anybody to seize throne. The god of death, bless the winner of the war of Hel with the shadows. So all the Hel demons fought against each other, the war rose up to the world, and all creatures are now warring against each other. This was a chance to seize power; however, this was also a chance to outshine others and become a hero. What will you do?

[Hierarchy: Emperor<King<Lord/Official<Warrior<Civillian/Servant]
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PostSubject: Re: I: Total Chaos   Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:03 pm

Long Long Ago, in a majestic city, the Last Emperor dies without an heir. Turmoil in the courts begin as fierce divisions begin to take shape. From the Emperor's second in command taking control by force, to those who are utterly opposed. Distant relatives from far off lands also stake their claim. Finally there are those that wish for no new Emperor.

Those who support the second in command
They represent those who are loyal to the second command and believe in his right to rule over all the world, not all of them are totally loyal as many see this as an opportunity for new gains in wealth, fame, and rank.
The opposing faction Is the name given to those that oppose the direct rule of the second in command. They believe that an entirely new form of government should be formed, but those at the top may be merely exploiting this to take control of the land for themselves.
The Distant Relative, Minister Zhou coming from a distance, Minister Zhou believes that as the closest living relative to the deceased Emperor. He has only a few supporters and is playing his own cards to earn his way to the top. Those who follow him are known for their loyalty.
Rebel Faction The Rebels lead by Katsura Taira oppose the government in it's entirety. They wish for absolute abolition of the government and the establishment of a new society, what this society is however is unknown even to the most well connected people of the Empire.
Minister Drake is a force that is much closer to home. He aspires to demolish all the factions that oppose him by using the support of others. All those that has seen him can only describe him as a dragon. An expert general, and very cruel, will he be the one to conquer this uneven playingfield?
Edward the Black Prince is a character that comes from Elite class, he was born from a man who was adopted into a Noble family. He detests numerous people and is ruthlessly cunning. However, he is a complex character who's true objectives are never truly known.

The Opposing Faction

Among those who 0ppose the ascent of the Second in Command are the Minister of Writing, Minister of War, and Third in command Gao Xun. These three are among the top of the list in this faction who oppose Heh Jia (Second in command). Many notable people follow them. They have given nominal support to Minister Zhou and Minister Drake. It's uncertain what their objectives are for the.

Minister Drake
Possible Image (Koei)

Drake is an ally to all and a friend to none. His objectives are hidden from the world, but there are none that doubt that he has sinister ambitions.

The Distant Relative, Minister Zhou is on friendly terms with almost every faction except for the second in command. Heh Jia sees him as a threat to his own appointment as the newly crowned successor and constantly attacks Minister Zhou's claims of a relation of blood. Minister Zhou has a group of seven men which he can place his absolute trust in, unfortunately those seven men are the greater part of his supporters, who are too few in number to really get noticed. Minister Drake has offered assistance to the fledgling Zhou, but it's unknown the purpose behind this.

At the same time as the death of the Last Emperor, the current Hel Demon King, who ruled all demonkind, died. Hel Demons started to serve under other Hel Demons only for rank and power. Soon, several factions were formed just as in the human realm.

Dragons of the Hel is the faction started by the calm and gentleman Hel demon named Twin-Claw. Here the 5 Hel Dragons exist: Twin-Claw, Falchion-Claw, Snake-Claw, Black Dragon, and Zun the Valiant. Each are talented beyond belief and currently, this faction is the most powerful.

Hel's Circle is one of the largest factions created by the God of Memory and creator of the Hel Demon, Zeifer. After he found out about the chaos, Zeifer decided to unite the demons under a benevolent rule. They have very few followers but are surviving up unto this point.

Great Hel Demon is currently the strongest Hel Demon in terms of power. He has many followers and is the rival of the Dragons of the Hel faction. The Greta Hel Demon's army is large through his fame of power.

Dragons of the Hel
Twin Claw

Twin-Claw is arguably the worlds most fastest Hel Demon. His team called the 5 Hel Dragons go hand in hand with each other and they are a very difficult opponent to defeat. Hel demons find this an attraction. Right now, they control half of the Demon Realm and a quarter of the earth. Twin-Claws ambition of leisure and power and his gentleman personality make him respected among all Hel demons.

Hel's Circle

A faction created by the god and Hel Demon Zeifer to unite the lands. Zeifer serves under Fallitus as General and controls memory. His ambitions are clearly well known and gained him only a few followers but a giant army of demons.

Credits to Koei and their most excellent games about Ancient China!
(After all, that's where this chapter gets it's inspiration.)
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Posts : 342
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: I: Total Chaos   Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:20 pm

Gao Xun was reading a book when Akio, the Minister of War, came in. "Have you thought of anything yet?"
"No, forming the perfect plan is hard."
"Fred is our biggest threat! We have to get rid of him!"
Gao Xun put down his book and looked directly at Akio, "Do you think I know that? I was the one who formed this alliance! Do not question me, you are dismissed." Akio bowed and walked out in an angered gait. "He is too ignorant! I shall handle this myself!"

Fred was taking care of businesses when he saw Akio standing at the entrance. "Greetings Akio! What brings you here on this windy day?" Akio laughed for a moment, "How about we go outside for a walk?" He touched his left arm, feeling the dagger "What will we do without the Emperor?"
"I don't know, but knowing the will of him, he might not want me to be the Emperor." Fred shrugged.
"Who do you think he wants then?"
"I doubt if he really is part of the Imperial family, but there is one, maybe two people left in their bloodline. One of them, is named Zhou. But I'm not sure whether he really is royal or not."
Akio touched the blade again. They started to walk outside. Akio tried his best to restrain himself from stabbing Fred at that very moment. "We should ask him then."
"Good idea, but what if the rumor is false?"
"It's worth a try is it not?" Akio lived a year in a minute. Then he saw the chance. He quickly grabbed the dagger out and tried to stab Fred. Fred was too quick, and he avoided the dagger. Akio went in for another strike and scratched his left arm.
"Gaurds!" Fred shouted, grabbing onto the burning scratch, the blade must be poisoned! He glanced at the wound and looked back at Akio. He was nowhere to be found.
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PostSubject: Re: I: Total Chaos   

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I: Total Chaos
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