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 Profile Skeleton and Explanations

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PostSubject: Profile Skeleton and Explanations   Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:51 pm

Racial Ability:

Image: Place your image of the character you are using in this section.
Name: Every good character has a good name, but that name is based on the users taste.
Age: How old is your character? Is he the "ancient wise one" that is 100 years old?
Height: How tall is your character? Is he a midget? Or is he a Yao Ming?
Weight: Let's just hope he isn't Fatty McFatfat, but people wonder how heavy he is
Gender: Male/Female
Sexuality: Straight/Gay or Lesbian/Bisexual(/Trisexual?)
Race: There are currently these races that are available to members: Human, Angel, Demon, Vampire, Werewolves, Spirits, Demi-Dragons (Dracohumans)
Biography: Describe his story and behavior
Skills: What can he do?
Ability: The users unique/special ability. Leave this blank unless you are a B or higher tier, you must explain the ability.
Racial Ability: The ability your race gives you. (You can only have one, choose wisely, as this cannot be changed)
Theme: Your theme song. Recommended that you use YouTube for this.

Details of Race:
The current list of races are
Gods Human Angel Demon Vampire
Werewolves Dracohumans Spirits Hel

Gods: These are an exclusive class for moderators. They are immortal and try to keep the world in balance. They almost never fight unless it is a critical situation or a war.
Human: These are the most populated classes in the game and are the most versatile class.
Angel: The heaven's civilians who can fly, and they protect humans from demons.
Demon: They feed off of emotions. They live in a section in the underworld called Hell, in which they live by their leader's, the King of Hel, rule.
Vampire: They have immense senses like a bat and are stronger at nighttime. They have a giant rivalry with werewolves
Werewolves: Werewolves have canine like senses and are stronger at nighttime. They have a giant rivalry with vampires.
Dracohumans: These demi-dragons are a combination of humans and dragon. Generally consider themselves the best race with reason, they are versatile, can breath fire, and can form dragon wings to fly.
Spirits: Ghosts belong here, they are usually unseen.
Hel: An exclusive class. Hels are the strongest demons known to man. When the King of Hel dies, a war is started for the Throne of Hel. They must defeat other Hels and absorb their powers, the Hel that absorbs the most Hels win. Generally, they are villains that have their unique abilities. The previous King of Hel is Hellus Satan.

Racial Abilities
Immortal: This racial skill is for the gods. It give them a boost of power. However, contrary to the name of the skill, they CAN die. But the gods revive back to the heavens.
Mediation: This enables humans to see spirits
Necromancy: This enables humans to use the power of the dead
Warrior Strike: This gives humans a slight power boost in long, drawn out battles
Flight: This enables Dracohumans, Demons and Angels to ignore obstacles like mountains
Emotion Absorb: This enables demons to feed off of emotions to heal themselves
Disguise: Demons and Angels can disguise themselves as human form. Difficult to extinguish to normal people.
Mist Flight: This allows Vampires to teleport with the power of mist
Canine Lightning: This gives werewolves a power boost and makes them run at incredible speeds
Blood Absorb: This enables vampires and werewolves to absorb the blood of humans to heal wounds
Dragon-fire: This enables Dracohumans to breath fire as powerful as real dragons
Invisibility: This allows spirits to be invisible. Mediation allows humans to see through this
Puppet: This makes spirits nearly visible, and allows them to take control over people who have weak minds.
Each Hel has their own unique abilities.
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Profile Skeleton and Explanations
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